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Find + Join a Team

Currently, the Colorado High School Cycling League consists of teams from over the Rocky Mountains with participating schools in Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Composite teams are area-based teams with several schools working together.

Individuals can participate in the Colorado League, but it’s even more fun to have a team to train and race with.

Use the interactive map to locate a team near you. Click on the icons to find info and contact the team director to inquire about joining their team.

Don’t see a team in your area? Please contact Programs Manager,

*Contact information is provided solely for prospective riders and may not be used for sales solicitation purposes.

Start A Team

Whether you are a student or coach, the League is here to help you form a team at your local high school or in your area. Administrators, teachers, parents, students, and/or community members can start a cycling club at their local high school.

While it is not necessary that the person who initiates the club to be a school “insider”, this can be very helpful. A teacher, administrator, student, or school volunteer possesses certain advantages, such as knowledge of the school community, bureaucratic systems and channels, and how to access potential student riders. Extensive cycling experience is not necessary. One should simply have the desire to introduce youth to the sport of mountain biking.

A Colorado League mountain bike team can be any size. Teams are broken into Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3 categories based on their team size (and not their school size).


The League can help you:

  • Find coaches
  • Form teams
  • Boost team recognition within schools
  • Recruit Volunteers

How do I recruit kids for a team?

Various teams have had success with many different recruiting techniques. Hosting a Bike Club table at your high school club and/or sports recruitment day is a great way to garner initial interest. Meeting with the school Athletic Director in order to educate he/she about your new club is another great idea. Put an article in the school newspaper, get parents to talk to other parents, send an email to your school’s Boosters Club. There are lots of ways to get kids interested in cycling! Please feel free to call the Colorado League at (720) 272-9282 and ask if there are teams or clubs that you can connect within your area.

Do I have to have insurance for a club or a team?

Yes. The Colorado High School Cycling League provides comprehensive liability insurance to all teams and coaches who officially register with the Colorado League. Insurance information is here.

Can I get a scholarship for race entry fees?

The Colorado League is able to provide scholarships to registered League athletes who are in need of financial assistance. Please see our scholarship information.

Are there sponsor discount codes available?

To access all League sponsor discount codes click here.

Season Timeline


Registration for Colorado League teams begins in April. Teams can register as late as August 15th. At this time anyone who intends to coach a team should register with the League so that they are covered by our insurance. League teams are limited to the number of weeks they can have pre-season practice. In addition, teams are not insured outside of these limits.

April 1 – July 14

Pre-season activities can commence limited activities on April 1st. Allowable pre-season activities are bike checks, fun rides, mechanical workshops, or skills clinics. Between April 1 – and July 14, teams are allowed to have up to 8 scheduled pre-season activities.

July 15- early November

Regular training practice (2-4 times a week) can commence on July 15. All team rides or other training activities must end within two weeks of the final League race.

Fees 2024

Rider Member

  • High School = $170
  • Middle School = $85, racing not available
  • Additional team fees may be assessed
  • NON-REFUNDABLE, required even if you do not choose to race

Race Entry

  • Race Series Pass - 4 races  = $260
      • $10 discount per race
      • Must be purchased in one transaction
      • Deadline to purchase noon August 21, 2023
  • Single Race = $75
  • State Championships = $75
  • Replacement race plate = $10
  • NON-REFUNDABLE: Race series pass
  • NON-REFUNDABLE: Single-race fees are transferable within the same season.

Team + Coach

  • Division 1 Team (30 + riders) = $475
  • Division 2 Teams (13 – 29 riders) = $325
  • Division 3 Teams (12 or less riders) = $160
  • Annual Coach = $30

If you have questions about team registration, please contact the Programs Manager.

All team pricing includes Insurance.

Race registration is online only. Registration deadline is Monday at 12 PM (noon) the week of the race. Rider membership and race entry fees are not refundable. Race entry fees are transferable within the current year series. No onsite registration for State Championships. Please email the Programs Manager to request a race entry transfer.

End of Season Awards

Recognize and celebrate those who make the Colorado League exceptional. The deadline for nominations is Monday, October 17th @ Noon.




The Colorado League currently includes the entire state and spans north to Casper, Wyoming south to Taos, New Mexico. Neighboring states may participate if a League does not currently exist in that region. Spearfish South Dakota joined us in 2021.

Coach License Program

New teams do not need licensed coaches, but the head coach does need to take steps toward obtaining one. Please contact your league director if you have more questions. For more information about the Colorado Coach license coach program, please click here.

Team Registration and Divisions

All teams must register with the League. Doing so provides insurance coverage for team members and support for League programs. If you have a new team and want to register with the League, your Head Coach/Team Manager should contact the League Director.

The price for registering a team varies depending on the division of the team.

Teams are in compliance if the Head Coach meets the following license levels based on the number of years the team has participated:

Year 1 – Coach Level 2

Year 2 – Coach Level 3

All team pricing includes Insurance but does NOT include Annual Head Coach License Renewal Fee $25

Compliant are teams with a licensed Head Coach.

  • Division 1 Team (30 or more racers) Fee = $450
  • Division 2 Teams (13 – 29 racers) Fee = $300
  • Division 3 Teams (12 or fewer racers) Fee = $150

If you have questions about team registration, please contact the Programs Manager.


Types of Teams

There are 2 types of teams.

  • School-Based Teams: Comprised of full-time students from the same high-school, public or private. School-based teams can be “official” or “unofficial”.
  • Composite Teams: Comprised of full-time students from more than one high-school within the same district or other geographic proximity.  If a student’s attending school does not host a team the student may join the closest geographic School-Based team or Composite Team. Composite Teams are may be temporary solutions toward building school-based teams and are similar to a CHSAA “cooperative team”  If a composite team has 5 or more students from two different schools, those students will be scored separately from the rest of the composite team unless a petition to do otherwise is approved.

Home-schooled students may join the closest public high school team that corresponds to their neighborhood school. If their neighborhood team does not have a team they may join the team closest to them based on geographic proximity and school district boundaries. Please contact the League Director to confirm which team to join.

Students can compete as an independent racer in the League Series. While they will not be eligible for the Team Overall title, they are eligible for the Individual Race and Overall titles. Independent racers need not register a team, and should only register for the series, being sure to denote that they are racing as an “Independent” where appropriate on registration forms. All other rules apply.

Team Scoring

Teams are awarded points after every League race that count toward the team’s standing at that individual race and for the overall series. Both girls’ and boys’ points count toward that team’s overall score. However, teams need not have boys’ and girls’ points to score for a race. Due to the difference in team size between divisions, Division 1 teams and Division 2 teams are scored differently.

For Division 1, scoring is based on the top 15 point earners, with a maximum of 12 of those point earners being of the same gender.

For Division 2, scoring is based on the top 10 point earners, with a maximum of 8 of those point earners being of the same gender.

For Division 3, scoring is based on the top 5 point earners, with a maximum of 4 of those point earners being the same gender.

For more information about Team and Individual Scoring or rules governing teams, please refer to the Colorado League Rulebook.

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