About Us

The Colorado League is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit That empowers youth through interscholastic mountain bike racing.

Our Roots

The Colorado League is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was founded in 2009. The inaugural season of competition was in the Fall of 2010 with 202 student-athletes representing 19 teams. The popularity of the program grows every year. To maintain a quality experience two conferences were established in 2015. In 2020, the program expanded to four regions as teams and ridership continue to increase.

Initially, we served high school students from Colorado and southern Wyoming. The geographic range has expanded to include student-athletes from northern New Mexico and South Dakota.

Mission + Vision

The Colorado League fosters healthy habits in youth, develops self-confidence, cultivates leadership, and builds community in a welcoming environment that strengthens family bonds and empowers youth through interscholastic mountain bike racing.

We do this by:

  • Building community, empowering youth and developing in them a lifelong appreciation of the outdoors.
  • Creating a welcoming environment that is inclusive by encouraging diversity in ethnicity, gender, financial status, and skill level.
  • Delivering a program for youth and teams where prevention reduces the need for intervention.
  • Providing comprehensive infrastructure to grow youth cycling in a respectful, safe, and professional manner.
  • Focusing on fun!


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High School Mountain Bike Teams

The Colorado League consists of more than 160 high schools participating from Spearfish, South Dakota to Taos, NM.

Teams provide student-athletes a unique opportunity for youth to:

    • Develop riding skills
    • Connect with teammates, coach mentors, and other student-athletes across the region
    • Empowered to test their limits, develop leadership skills, and become land stewards

Check with a specific team to determine their middle school team participation policies. The Colorado League Middle School policy is HERE

Interscholastic Race Series

The Colorado League fall race series consists of 4 regional races and a state championship. Mountain biking is a recognized club by many high school administrations. We provide student-athletes with a unique opportunity not found in many traditional school sports. Both individual achievement and teamwork are recognized.

Teams range from 5 to 100+ riders and foster an inclusive culture for participation. We provide high school student-athletes a festive, family-friendly atmosphere that focuses on respectful competition. Teams and individuals are encouraged to set and accomplish competitive goals and to achieve their personal best.

Professional race promotion, timing, course preparation, and risk management assures participants and spectators an exceptional experience where rule #1 is fun whether a novice or world-class competitor!

Coach Licensing and Team Development

Coaches are GOLD! They are the backbone of our teams and programs. We provide the support and education they need to be successful. The coach licensing program is designed to ensure that coaches are equipped to provide quality programming to student-athletes, incorporating best practices associated with youth programming.

Licensed coaches pass a criminal background screening, receive professional education, obtain first aid training and meet field work requirements.

“Through the League, I learned what it meant to be a leader, a female athlete, a team player, and an overall better friend, and how hard work can pay off in the end. The Colorado League led me and helped shape me into the person I am today. It was the overall highlight of high school.”

– Alum, Class of 2018

Superheroes do exist; they’re just disguised as mountain biking coaches. The coaches pour their entire lives into this team, and their dedication continues to inspire me. They never gave up on me, and as a result, I experienced a phenomenal transformation over the culmination of my high school racing career. Good enough was never good enough, and they helped me reach goals I never even thought possible.” 

~ Natalie Tanner, BV Racing Alumni

“The East Mountain Bike team, the Colorado League, and this sport have meant everything to Griffin. His team has lifted him up in the darkest of times.”

~ Jeff Huber, Parent

“My son is a senior this year and has mountain biked on the Cherry Creek Composite team for all four years of his high school career.  The league has impacted his life in such a powerful, and positive way, and Yeti Cycling is a huge part of that! Thanks for helping to get kids on bikes.”

– Parent Coach, Cherry Creek Composite

“Thank you to you and the League for creating beautiful ways to support the coaches and the families. Being a coach with the Colorado League changed my life. Love and thanks.”

– Cheri Felix, Boulder High 10 year coach

“It has been such an honor to be a part of the League as a parent and coach. I truly cherish my experiences as part of this amazing community and know that it has played a big part in shaping the great guy my son has become.”

~ Parent/Coach of 2021 Legacy Racer

Financial Assistance

The Colorado League is committed to making programs accessible regardless of their financial situation. We believe that every teen and school in our region deserves the opportunity to build connections and empower youth by participating in high school mountain biking.

Whether a coach, team, or individual rider, scholarships are provided to offset expenses directly related to participation in the Colorado League activities. 

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Together we foster healthy habits in youth, develop self-confidence, cultivate leadership, and strengthen family bonds one pedal stroke at a time.