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The Colorado League is committed to making our programs accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. We promote the mission that every teen in our region deserves the opportunity to strengthen their body, mind, and character through participation in high school mountain biking. Whether a coach, team or individual rider, these scholarships are provided to offset expenses directly related to participation in the Colorado League activities. We try to reach as many people as possible. Thank you for understanding that full funding requests are rare.

This season’s scholarships are generously sponsored by Yeti Cycles, Team Evergreen, Mountain Island, and Alpine Bank. Yeti, founded in 1985 on lunch rides, has become a heavyweight in the racing world and a pillar in the local cycling community. More about Yeti’s racing roots and history is revealed in this interview with Chris Conroy, President.


Team Evergreen Cycling (TE) is the largest bicycle club in Colorado, established in 1988. TE supports bicycling and related activities to further the sport of cycling and promote its continued growth and safe enjoyment. We’re thrilled to have these organizations actively supporting the pedal passion in youth!


Mountain Island Excavating is committed to offering the opportunity for teams and coaches to obtain First Aid training. Mountain Island and others are funding this scholarship.


Alpine Bank is dedicated to supporting travel to State Championships and higher education. Alpine established scholarships earmarked for these activities.


The Go Ride scholarship is the brainchild of Chris Anderson, Douglas County, Castle Rock student-athlete. Chris raised funds as part of his International Baccalaureate personal project to provide a bike, team kit, team fees, and race entry fees for the season. All around amazing opportunity provided by a fellow student-athlete.


Tell us your story and fill out the application below- we look forward to hearing from you!




2nd Chance Fund Scholarship – First Aid Trainings — Ongoing


Coach Summit Scholarship Application 


Coach – General Scholarship Application 


Team Scholarship Application 


Alpine Bank State Championship Team Travel Scholarship 




Alpine Bank College Scholarship 


GoRide – Student-Athlete Scholarship Application 


Student-Athlete Scholarship Application 


Funds for Team and Coach distributed by October 1st


All coach, team, and $65 rider registration (NOT race entry) fees must be paid prior to disbursement of awarded scholarships.  Coaches must complete a background check and riders need a statement of support from their coach.


Scholarship, recipients will be asked to write a letter explaining how the scholarship benefited all involved. Identity will be kept confidential at your request.