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The Colorado League continues to grow with your generous support. Your donation, at any level, helps us to secure venues, cover insurance, and keep costs down for our teams and families. We want the Colorado High School League to be an exceptional and memorable experience for generations to come. Thank you so much for your support and donation!



Trailhead ($1-$49)


Singletrack ($50–$249) 


Rock Garden ($250- $4999)


Epic ($5000+)



Karen Anderson

Mallory Millett Danaher

Rob Lockey and Optimize Endurance

Kate Eng

Leslie Farnsworth-Lee and Walt Lee

Ron Gager

Troy Hachmann

Brett Hahn

Rick Hirsch, Hirsch Gibney

David Horst

Laramie Enduro Inc.

Verner McCall

Mountain Bike Specialists

John Mastro

Shelly Coffman Nixon

Jonathan Nordby

Denny Brown and Ann Oglesby

Doug and Stephanie Ouren

Elizabeth and David Overstreet

Ryburn Family

Sports Family Medicine

Swift Cycling

Jeff Vanderlinden

David and Susan Weins

Dan and Dessa Willie


Gregg Bagni

Frankie Benning

Jason Berv in honor of Kate Rau

Drew Bourey

Rocky Bloesser

Max Bradley

Richard and Mary Bradley in honor of Austin and Max Bradley

Jeff Brown

Dale and Vicky Bryant

Tim Carlin

Cinthy and Jay Carson

Gina Clark in Honor of Eric Lundberg

Mike DeFries

Christine and Henry Eberhardt

Steve Frothingaham

Kenny Gensel

Dave and Kathy Grauer

Chris Grealish

Andrew Goodwillie

Erin Hannan

Michael and Gloria Harnish

Mitchell Hawkins

Greg Herbold

Landon Hilliard

Greta Hoetzer

Greg Holick

Teran Hughes

Colleen and Rick Ihnken

Arnie Jacobson and Victoria Johns

Kathy Judson

Stephen Kaczmarek

Charlie Keely

Jeff Kerkove

Axel and Lori Kloch

Hermina LaPoint

Dave and  Joyce Lehman

Marina and Maksim Lepikhina

Bruce and Lisa Lewis

James Martin

Gary Myers

Brian Morrato

Kate Millett

William Mosher

Mark Neagle

Andy and Tara Neuman

Rosalind and Monroe Neuman

Shelly Coffman Nixon

Jason Olden

Polar Bottle

Daryl Price

Mike and Thomas Rathbun

Dave Rau

Ed Rau

Lisa Rau

Sally Rau

Steve Rau

Mike and Marcia Rochel

Natt Ross

Harold (Skip) Schroer

Becky and Frank Silvester

Adam Sher

Hunter Smith

Barry Smith

Diana Tanner

Ann Trombley

Alison and Guy Vigers

Trish Wood


Michael Amdur

Noah Aptekar

Cameron Bellian

Aaron Bouplon

Sue Butcher

Ellen Campbell

Claire Carlin

Corey Carson

Aaron Clark

Matt Conklin

Nate Cowling

Pau Cuthbertson

Ellen Duke

Peter and Desiree Fenichell in honor of Dominque

Cameron Eng

Keith Engstrom

Connor Gravelding

Keenan Hursh

Josh Jacobson

Steve Kahn

K. Moergan Katnik

Dylan Kempton

Eric Kern

James and Patricia Kerr

William Kerrigan

Tristan Kraatz

Garrett and Karen Lundberg

Murphy McCormick

Parker McDonald

Josh Merrihew

Jake Reagan

David Reed

Kate Rau

Ruth Tussey

Andrew Townsend

Justin Villany

Dylan Williamson

Matthew Wood

Tilden Zars

Lennard Zinn